Basket kit completed

Basket kit from Barb Lewis
Basket kit from Barb Lewis

I have just finished the basket kit from Barb Lewis. Easy to make though it shows that it is a beginner that has made it. I am pleased with it however.


Wire and glue flower

These flowers are made from ll from tutorials by Shelly Norris, Aquileia, gardenia, pansies, beauty bush, money tree. Shelly is hosting an online miniature show on March 19-20 2011 on A Mini Miniature Show

Witch flowers

Witch flower made after tutorial by Amber Mathies, trollgirl on http://www.cdhm.org Some years ago. Many thanks for great tutorial and inspiration.

More flowers

More flowers
The flowers on the left are from kits by Sdk miniatures. The appleblossom on the right is a kit by Shelly Norris.

Christmas window

Christmas window
Flowers made of kits from Sdk miniatures, Candle holders bought from an artisan at a doll show, Santa in bowl of porridge bought from an artisan at a christmas stall at a shopping mall.

Flowers in bay window

Flowers in window
The peonies on the left are made from a kit from Shelly Norris at Twistagain Florals Club Kit . They are easier to do than they look. The hibiscus and the lily are Sdk miniature kits from http://sdk.miniature.net/.

My gothic conservatory is dryfitted waiting to be sanded and painted. It is a kit from Kotte Toys.